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Netizens Reacted to Angel Locsin Viral Photo that Shows her Latest Body Figure

Angel Locsin’s photo that shows her body figure now has recieves various reaction to the social media world. The photo shows that the actress had gained weight.


VIRAL NOW: Angel Locsin “Chubby Appearance” Shocks And Receives Various Reaction On Social Media

Angel Locsin is a famous celebrity and philanthropist and a very generous person. We can always hear in the news that when there are calamities among all the celebrities, Locsin is always first to respond and help.

Angel is one of the most well-loved actresses of the ABS-CBN network and she also portrayed numerous roles in the TV and movie.

Angel was also known to be helpful to the people in need. We can always see her in news wherein she always help to those people who experience disaster whether it is typhoon, flood, or earthquake. She is always there to help.

Recently, the actress caught the attention of the netizens where she obviously changes in her figure because of gaining weight.

However, on the report, this is because of the side effect of a certain medicine she takes and also because of her back injury. That’s the reason why she can’t work out.

Due to that, netizens commented on the actress new look, here are some of the comments:

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