Mariel Padilla Described the Difficulties Robin Padilla had during the Campaign

In an interview with Mariel Rodriguez, she described the difficulties her husband, Senator Robin Padilla, had while campaigning. Mariel recalls Robin travelling alone to campaign sorties, the lack of financing for tarpaulins and other campaign materials, and the scorn they experienced from Robin’s detractors. See video here:

The Viral Video shows Vicki Belo, Ivana, and Mona Alawi Dancing

The TikTok videos that Vicki Belo recently released feature Mona Alawi and Belo Ivana, who were recently featured in the celebrity doctor’s most recent entertaining vlog. The three of them can be seen dancing to a well-known dance craze in the charming TikTok video. Vicki mentioned in the post that Ivana and Mona, two sisters, … Read more

Did Zeinab Harake Receive a Bouquet from her new Boyfriend?

Zeinab Harake generated excitement on social media by displaying the lovely flower bouquet she just got, which also came with a handwritten letter. The social media influencer shared a picture of the lovely flower bouquet that was brought to her on her Instagram account, @zeinab_harake. Zeinab also attracted notice from online users when she just … Read more

Marcos Promises to Improve Pandemic Defense

As the nation’s 17th president, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. promised Thursday that he would address the problems with the government’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. As the successor to former President Rodrigo Duterte, Marcos will have the enormous burden of containing the COVID-19 outbreak and recovering from its disastrous repercussions. “There were shortcomings in the … Read more

Marcos will ask other Countries for Help in the Battle Against Climate Change

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. declared on Thursday that his government will address the situation by collaborating with the world community as the threats associated with climate change continue to rise. “We will look to our partners and friends to help the Philippines who, despite having very small carbon footprints, is at the highest risk,” Marcos … Read more