Kathryn Bernardo also unfollowed Gillian Vicencio, Julia Barretto, and Liza Soberano


Kathryn Bernardo’s recent decision to unfollow four notable individuals on social media has sent shockwaves through her fan base, leaving supporters and admirers eager to unravel the mystery behind this sudden move. Among the unfollowed is Daniel Padilla, Kathryn’s ex-boyfriend, who shared a significant part of her public life. The duo, often referred to as “KathNiel” by fans, had a high-profile relationship that garnered immense attention. The dissolution of their connection raises questions about the dynamics between them post-breakup and what might have prompted Kathryn to distance herself from her former partner.

In addition to Daniel Padilla, Kathryn unfollowed Liza Soberano, her co-star in the films “Must Be Love” and “Got To Believe.” Their collaboration was well-received by fans, making this unfollowing particularly surprising. The sudden rift between the two actresses prompts speculation about potential behind-the-scenes conflicts or personal differences. Moreover, the unfollowing of Gillian Vicencio, Kathryn’s co-star in the upcoming project “2 Good 2 Be True,” adds another layer of intrigue. Fans are left wondering whether this move is related to professional disagreements, personal conflicts, or other undisclosed factors.

The unfollowing spree also extended to Julia Barretto, known as the former best friend of Kathryn’s close associate Alora Sasam. The nature of the connection between Julia and Alora adds another layer of complexity to the situation. Fans are now eager to understand the dynamics between these personalities and what might have led Kathryn to distance herself from Julia, thereby stirring discussions and speculations across social media platforms. As the supporters await an explanation or official statement, the mystery surrounding Kathryn Bernardo’s social media decisions continues to captivate the public’s attention.

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