Gilbert C. Remulla To Mercury Drug Store: ‘waiting time and service is so bad’


Gilbert Cesar Catibayan Remulla, known for his roles in both journalism and politics, recently gained attention on social media. A series of posts on his Twitter account went viral as he candidly expressed his dissatisfaction with Mercury Drug store. In his tweets, Remulla highlighted concerns about the extended waiting times and subpar service experienced at the popular pharmacy chain. As a prominent figure in the public eye, his comments sparked discussions online, shedding light on issues related to customer service in prominent establishments.

“It’s about time Mercury Drug gets some serious competition. I hope a businessman, entrepreneur or conglomerate can put something together. Their waiting time and service is so bad.”

While Gilbert C. Remulla’s critique of Mercury Drugstore generated a buzz on social media, it also opened up conversations about the importance of quality service in well-known establishments. As a journalist and politician, Remulla’s observations carry weight, prompting both the public and businesses to reflect on and address customer satisfaction issues.

Gilbert Remulla’s recent Twitter posts, in which he shared his dissatisfaction with the service at Mercury Drug store, have sparked criticism from many netizens. Some argue that Remulla’s experience seems detached from the everyday struggles faced by the average Filipino waiting in line. The sentiments expressed by certain netizens suggest that Remulla’s position as a member of a political dynasty, coupled with perceived privilege and an egotistical attitude, may contribute to a disconnect with the common Filipino’s reality.

One viral response on Twitter pointed out that the criticism stems from a perception that Remulla, due to his background, might not fully empathize with the difficulties and inconveniences that ordinary citizens endure regularly. The accusation of feeling entitled and privileged, as well as being associated with a political dynasty, adds another layer to the online discourse. This incident highlights the broader societal conversations surrounding the experiences of individuals from different backgrounds and the expectations placed on public figures when expressing their grievances on social media.

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