Reddit post about Daniel Padilla and Gillian Vicencio affair goes viral


Gillian found herself entangled in the dissolution of the relationship between two of this generation’s most beloved stars. Kathryn and Daniel, who had been together for 11 years, garnered immense support from their fans throughout their journey—from being loveteam partners to becoming a real-life couple.

While rumors about the couple’s relationship had circulated in the past, the recent speculation reached an unprecedented intensity, eventually leading to Kathryn’s confirmation of the breakup.

Initially, suspicions were directed towards Andrea Brillantes as the alleged third party involved. However, following Kathryn’s confirmation, Gillian Vicencio’s name surged as a trending topic on social media.

A narrative unfolded suggesting that Kathryn discovered Daniel’s alleged infidelity with Gillian. These accusations against the budding actress had been circulating for several months before the revelation.

Three months ago, Gillian appeared as a guest on the YouTube talk show “Marites University.” In the interview, the actress fielded questions about her purported role in the rumored KathNiel breakup at that time.

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Gillian conveyed that they were all friends or “magto-tropa” due to their close bond. She emphasized not being aware of the origins of the rumors connecting her to Daniel. When questioned about negative comments she received regarding the alleged link to Daniel, the actress declined to disclose the content of those messages.

Furthermore, Gillian expressed her closeness to Kathryn, highlighting the latter’s approachability and welcoming nature as the reasons behind their growing friendship.

“Maalaga po siya sa mga ka-work niya,” the newbie actress said about Kathryn.

As of the current moment, Daniel Padilla has not addressed the allegations and rumors connecting him to Andrea Brillantes and Gillian Vicencio.

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