Yzabel Ablan’s Journey to Her Final Resting Place on October 12, 2023


On the somber afternoon of October 12, 2023, a heartfelt and poignant farewell took place for Yzabel Ablan, the beloved eldest child of Janna Dominguez and Mickey Abalan. The profound emotions of this moment were etched in the hearts of those who gathered to pay their last respects to this young soul.

Yzabel found her final resting place at La Pieta Memorial Park in Angeles, Pampanga. As family and friends gathered to say their goodbyes, it was evident that the community’s support was a source of strength and comfort during this difficult time. Amidst the heavy atmosphere, Mickey Abalan, Yzabel’s father, shared a heartrending moment on his Facebook account. He posted a short video from the cemetery, where he tenderly hugged his son’s coffin. By his side, Janna, his wife, and Yzabel’s mother shared in this profound sorrow, tears streaming down their faces.

Notably, in the backdrop of this heart-wrenching scene, Iwa Moto, who had a previous relationship with Mickey and had become a significant presence in Yzabel’s life as her mother, could be seen sitting behind the grieving parents. This poignant gathering served as a testament to the complexities of human relationships and the unifying power of love and loss, as they collectively mourned the loss of a young life.

Paalam our Chabelits… Rest in God..
Thank you for everything..
Salamat po sa presencya at pakikiramay..🙏🏼 Sa pag hatid sa huling hantungan kay Yzabel..
Please pray for our family in these trying times may we find comfort in Him.

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