Watch: Vice Ganda Gives P500,000 to Mother Rosario


In the midst of their birthday celebration, Vice Ganda added an extra layer of excitement to the event as he continued to shower his mother, Rosario, with love and generosity. Following the initial round of heartfelt gifts from their guests, Vice Ganda introduced a playful twist to the proceedings. With a mischievous grin, he handed his mother three carefully folded pieces of paper, each bearing an undisclosed amount of money. This spontaneous and lighthearted game was met with anticipation and excitement.

As the moment of revelation approached, the room was filled with eager anticipation. Vice Ganda encouraged his mother to choose one of the three pieces of paper, and with a touch of suspense, she unfolded her selection. To her sheer delight, the amount written on the paper was P500,000, which happened to be the highest sum among the three options.

The room erupted with joy and applause as this surprise gift brought a radiant smile to Rosario’s face. Vice Ganda’s playful yet heartwarming gesture added an extra layer of love and happiness to an already memorable birthday celebration.

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