Watch: Israeli Air Forces are bombing targets in Gaza, Palestine


Israel, like any sovereign nation, possesses the inherent right to defend itself against acts of terrorism and threats to its security. Over the years, the nation has faced a complex and challenging security environment marked by conflicts and hostilities. In this context, Israel’s actions to protect its citizens and maintain stability in the region are consistent with international principles of self-defense.

It is essential, however, that any defensive measures taken adhere to international law and respect the rights of civilians. Achieving a peaceful resolution to the longstanding conflicts in the region remains a global priority, and dialogue and diplomacy should continue to be pursued alongside efforts to ensure security.

Violence is often driven by a combination of political, social, economic, and ideological factors, and it is crucial to address these underlying issues when combatting violence, rather than blaming an entire religion. Engaging in dialogue, promoting understanding between different communities, and addressing root causes such as poverty, political instability, and extremism are essential steps towards promoting peace and security. It is essential to avoid generalizations that can perpetuate stereotypes and contribute to division and misunderstanding.

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