Sorsogon Gov. Jose Edwin ‘Boboy’ Hamor Sends Kamikazee Home


Sorsogon Gov. Jose Edwin “Boboy” Hamor made a bold move by sending Kamikazee home just moments before the band’s highly anticipated performance at the Casiguran town festival event. The decision came in response to what Hamor referred to as the band’s alleged “attitude problem.” This unexpected turn of events left fans and festival-goers stunned, as they had been eagerly awaiting the popular band’s performance. Hamor’s decision underscores the importance of professionalism and respect in the entertainment industry, reminding artists of their responsibility to their fans and the communities they perform in.

Following the electrifying performances of bands I Belong to the Zoo and Imago at Plaza Escudero, Casiguran Pier Site, on Sunday, October 1, an unexpected twist unfolded. Sorsogon Gov. Jose Edwin “Boboy” Hamor took to the stage, capturing the audience’s attention, but not with the announcement they were expecting. Instead, Hamor made the surprising announcement that Kamikazee had been removed from the show’s performers’ lineup at the last minute. This unforeseen development left concertgoers and fans puzzled, as they had been eagerly anticipating Kamikazee’s performance. The decision, undoubtedly, added an unexpected layer of intrigue to the evening’s events, leaving many curious about the reasons behind this abrupt change in the lineup.

Humihingi ako ng paumanhin [dahil] hindi na matutuloy ang Kamikazee,” Hamor said, as seen in a live stream of the event on LGU Casiguran Sorsogon’s Facebook page. “Wala tayong magagawa. Bayad ‘yon kaso may mga attitude. Pinauwi ko na sa airport.

Nandyan na [sila] kanina kaso may attitude…. Sana maintindihan niyo [na] hindi ko gusto ‘to kaso, sinabi ko nga, may attitude,” he continued, then went on to address the band: “Hindi kayo makakabalik sa Sorsogon, maniwala kayo sa akin.

Hindi tayo pwedeng bastusin mga taga-Sorsogon. Pinipilit ko na itaas ang dignidad ng bawat Sorsoganon pero ‘wag ganon na tayo ay babastusin,” he stressed, but opted not to expound on why Kamikazee was booted out of their performance. “Alam ko na gustong-gusto niyo [sila] marinig pero sa YouTube na lang kayo.”

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