Pastor Dimver Andales Arrested as Alleged Mastermind in Mister Cagayan de Oro Candidate’s Murder Case


In a significant development in the murder case of Mister Cagayan de Oro candidate Adrian Fornillos, the alleged mastermind, Pastor Dimver Andales, has been apprehended. The arrest was carried out by law enforcement authorities under the authority of a Warrant of Arrest issued in connection with the murder investigation. This arrest marks a major breakthrough in the ongoing efforts to bring justice to the tragic loss of the promising candidate.

Notably, Pastor Dimver Andales was not the sole arrest made in connection with this case. Junior Pastor Jether Nonot was also taken into custody, raising questions about the extent of involvement within the religious organization. The legal counsel of Pastor Dimver Andales has announced their intent to vigorously defend their client and work diligently to establish his innocence in this case. As the legal proceedings unfold, the public will be closely watching for any developments that shed light on the circumstances surrounding the murder of Adrian Fornillos and the extent of involvement of those arrested.

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