October 2023 Optometrists Licensure Exam Results in 4 Days


In the latest announcement from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), it has been revealed that 153 out of 226 examinees have successfully passed the Optometrists Licensure Examination for October 2023. This rigorous examination, administered through both Computer-Based and Paper & Pencil formats, was conducted across various locations, including N. C. R., Cebu, Davao, and Rosales. The results of this examination showcase the dedication and commitment of aspiring optometrists, with more than half of the participants earning their well-deserved licenses.

The Board of Optometry played a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and thoroughness of the licensure examination. The board was comprised of esteemed members, including Dr. Irene Christine C. Peliño as Chairman, Dr. Bernardita A. Garcia, Dr. Mario T. Flores, Jr., and Dr. Christine S. Rodriguez as Members. Their expertise and oversight were instrumental in maintaining the quality and standards of the examination process.

A remarkable feat in the realm of licensure examinations, the results were released swiftly, with the PRC managing to disclose the outcomes in just four working days from the conclusion of the examination period. This efficient turnaround not only exemplifies the PRC’s commitment to facilitating and streamlining the licensing process but also provides the successful examinees with a prompt and well-deserved commencement of their professional careers as optometrists.

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