Maricel Soriano Reveals Vice Ganda as Hardest Slap Recipient


Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, known for her candid demeanor, openly admitted that she had delivered her most forceful slap to none other than the Unkabogable Star, Vice Ganda. The revelation unfolded when the seasoned actress engaged with her followers on X (formerly Twitter) and was questioned about which artist had experienced the impact of her hand. Without hesitation, Maricel forthrightly responded, indicating that Vice Ganda was the recipient of the most impactful encounter with her palm. Her response sparked curiosity and garnered attention due to the unexpected nature of the revelation.

In a surprising and light-hearted tone, Maricel Soriano playfully declared Vice Ganda as the fortunate individual who received the impact of her hand. Her straightforward and unfiltered confession on her social media platform captivated the public’s interest, prompting a mix of amusement and intrigue about the context behind such an incident. The interaction between these two iconic figures sparked conversations among fans and the public, reflecting the unexpected humor and candidness in Maricel’s revelation about Vice Ganda being on the receiving end of her memorable slap.

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