Lola Amour reacts to BamBam’s version of ‘Raining In Manila’


BamBam, the talented Thai rapper and singer who has made a name for himself in South Korea, pleasantly surprised fans and music enthusiasts when he posted a cover of the hit song “Raining in Manila” by the Filipino band Lola Amour last Saturday.

His rendition of this beloved track has garnered attention and anticipation, leaving many eager to see how he puts his unique spin on the iconic Filipino tune. This cross-cultural musical exchange highlights the universal appeal of music and the power it holds to bridge cultural boundaries, uniting fans from different corners of the world.

GOT7 member BamBam had nothing but praise for the music of the Filipino rock band Lola Amour after he made a cover of their popular song ‘Raining in Manila.’ In a gracious gesture, he expressed his appreciation, saying, “Thank you for such great music.”

BamBam’s words of admiration have sparked excitement among fans and followers of both artists, who are now eagerly speculating about the possibility of a collaboration between the talented Thai artist and the Filipino rock band in the future. This gesture of musical appreciation showcases the unity and camaraderie that transcends borders in the world of music, offering a glimpse of potential creative endeavors to come.

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