Jeepney Conductor Apologizes for Body-Shaming Bacolod Student


In a recent incident that drew significant public attention, the conductor of a modern jeepney has taken the initiative to issue a formal apology. This apology comes in response to a highly criticized body-shaming remark made by the conductor, which was directed at a female student from Bacolod. The incident sparked outrage and condemnation across social media and various communities.

However, recognizing the gravity of his actions and the hurtful impact they had on the young student, the conductor publicly expressed remorse for his behavior, acknowledging the need for accountability and a commitment to fostering a more respectful and inclusive environment for passengers in the future.

Lanimae Joy Libo-on Mag-aro has bravely shared her traumatic experience of being subjected to public body-shaming by a conductor working for Homesite RSJ Lines, Inc., operating a modern jeepney.

In a recent development, the Facebook page “96.7 XFM Bacolod” shared a video recording that captured the modern jeepney conductor offering a formal apology to the Bacolod student who had been subjected to body-shaming comments. The post quickly elicited a wide range of responses from internet users, sparking a conversation about the incident and the importance of addressing such behavior in public spaces.

The 32-year-old conductor has broken his silence and issued an apology for his inappropriate gesture towards the student. He explained that he had intended it as a joke but acknowledged that it was wrong and hurtful. He further clarified that he had never intended to charge the student double fare. However, due to his actions, he has faced suspension as a consequence.

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