Janine Rubio Almazan Accused of Scamming Call Center Agents


On Facebook, Razzel Escora Williams Jr. has reached out for support in the pursuit of reporting and commencing legal proceedings against Janine Rubio Almazan. This call for action stems from serious accusations of her involvement in a series of fraudulent activities that have adversely impacted a substantial number of individuals.

In Razzel Escora Williams Jr. Facebook posts, “She is From Bacolod created a campaign called AEP Medicare (Animo Atlas). It was created August 24, 2023. She recruited several people from different places. Created sites in Bacolod, Guimba, San Pedro Laguna. ( we’re almost 80).

Along with the other colleagues Arvin Ravelo and Admin members. They recruit people and make them quit from their currently jobs (Stating the fact na, malaki sweldo $5/hr) Other members are Managers, Team Leader, SME who sacrifices their jobs for this campaign. All of the recruits, who so called agents invested a lot of money in devices (laptops, desktops, headsets)”

Janine Rubio Almazan has currently gone into hiding after being accused of defrauding numerous individuals. The affected parties are actively seeking assistance to report her and bring her to justice.

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