Eric Pascual Does Ex’s Wedding Makeup Goes Viral


A TikTok video featuring makeup artist and content creator Eric Pascual has taken the internet by storm, rapidly going viral for a heartwarming reason. In the video, Eric can be seen skillfully applying makeup to his ex-girlfriend, Gillian Melony Pineda-Rivera, on her wedding day.

The touching twist to this story is that Eric and Gillian had previously been in a romantic relationship for a year but had since become close friends. In a gesture of goodwill and friendship, Eric offered his makeup artistry as a heartfelt gift to Gillian on her most special day.

This heartwarming act of kindness and camaraderie between Eric and Gillian has resonated with viewers worldwide, highlighting the beauty of maintaining respectful and supportive friendships even after romantic relationships have evolved. The viral TikTok video serves as a reminder that genuine connections and the bonds of friendship can endure, bringing positivity and warmth to life’s most significant moments, such as weddings.

Eric’s makeup artistry not only enhanced Gillian’s beauty but also symbolized the enduring power of friendship and goodwill.


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