Boy Abunda Inquires About Yassi Pressman’s Relationship with Sandro Marcos


In a candid moment on television, the renowned TV host Boy Abunda posed a direct and intriguing question to the talented actress Yassi Pressman, focusing on her alleged connection with Ilocos Norte Representative Sandro Marcos. This query captured the attention of viewers as it delved into the realm of personal relationships and public figures, shedding light on the rumors and speculations that have surrounded their association.

Abunda’s fearless approach to questioning brought this topic to the forefront, sparking curiosity and conversation among the audience.

“Ang daming pinag-uusapan after this because you were seen in some places. Naging kayo ni Sandro Marcos?” tanong ni Boy sa kanyang talk show.

“Hindi po, Tito Boy,” diretsang sagot ni Yassi.

“What was that? Why did people start talking about it?” saad pa ni Boy.

“Uhm, I think there was just this video. So, si Sandro, matagal ko na po siyang kakilala. And we were laughing about something and then parang nalagyan lang po ng malisya dahil ini-slow mo lang po, nilagyan lang po ng music. So, wala po talaga,” wika naman ni Yassi.

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