“No Growth of heart is ever a waste” Nas daily breaks up with partner after 6 years


It has been reported that Nuseir Yassin, the mastermind behind Nas Daily, has recently ended his six-year relationship with his partner Alyne Tamir, who is more commonly known as Dear Alyne in the online world.

The Palestinian-Israeli content creator, aged 31, has amassed a huge following on social media through his one-minute daily videos. In a heartfelt video shared on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, he announced the news on Monday.

As revealed in the video, the couple had been anticipating their breakup for some time now, citing their diverging career paths and personal growth as the primary reasons for their split. The online community was taken aback by the recent announcement from the couple, but many praised them for their honesty and willingness to share their story.

“This is the end. @dearalyne and I are breaking up. You, the audience, were the first people to know about our relationship 6 years ago. You were with us during our lows and highs. You cheered for us. That’s why you also deserve to know about the end of our relationship.” Nuseir Yassin

“This is the longest video we’ve ever made. 13 minutes long. I hope this helps someone out there with their relationship. I hope they can avoid our mistakes before it’s too late. Until then, Alyne and I will remain good friends. We have zero regrets. Because… No growth of the heart is ever a waste. Love you, Alyne.”

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