Ruru Madrid Finally tells the Truth about Bianca Umali

Marie Test

Ruru Madrid has finally revealed the truth about his connection with Bianca Umali.

On August 21, 2022, Jessica Soho questioned Ruru on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, and the actor revealed the long-rumored conversation about him and Bianca.

Jessica directly asked Ruru about her friendship with Bianca.

Ruru even chuckled when questioned about it, saying, “It’s difficult to define.”

The seasoned broadcast journalist was interested and questioned Ruru why the grandfather cried when Bianca surprised him in South Korea lately since their relationship had no label.

On August 17, 2022, Bianca uploaded a video on Instagram of herself visiting Ruru with other Running Man PH workers.

When Ruru saw the actress, she was stunned and sobbed, as seen in the video.

Because, as Ruru explains, “it was the last day of our Running Man recording at the time, I didn’t expect him to really attend.”

Ruru spent fifty (50) days in South Korea with the complete cast of Running Man PH, the forthcoming Kapuso adaptation of the famous variety program on South Korea’s SBS network.

Jessica inquired about their true score for the second time.

This is where the Kapuso star admitted his guilt.

Ruru said, “Dahil kayo po ang nagtanong, Ma’am Jess, this is the first time na sasagutin ko po ito.

“Ah… we’re dating po for four years.”

According to Ruru, he and Bianca are content because, despite the fact that they are both busy with separate activities at the moment, they feel each other’s support.

Ruru and Bianca’s admirers began to notice that they were becoming close and suspected a romance in August 2018.

But when asked if someone is interceding for them, they don’t have a precise answer.

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