Ion Perez was Feel Deprived and Hurt After “Direk” Forbid Ion’s Live Show Proposal to Vice Ganda

Couple was criticized left and right after they revealed their marriage, and the reaction nearly drove Ion to resign from the show. But he stayed and worked hard to show people that he isn’t chasing Vice’s money. They’ve been through a lot of ups and downs.

When he eventually made the effort to propose in front of one of the heads, he got permission from one of the heads to do so. He was, however, disallowed. “Direk” refused him, and Teddy Corpuz, one of the people behind the proposal, said that he felt Ion’s sadness when he was denied permission to carry out his proposal the manner he had prepared.

Vice claimed that their boss had also requested them not to reveal their engagement at the time. He didn’t go into detail about the precise request, but he was upset. He was upset because he believed they had been denied something they rightfully deserves.

“Kung alam niyo lang ‘yung pain noong nakita namin si Ion, noong pinagbawalanNakita ko si Ion, nakahiga doon. Excited kaming tatlo, e. Gusto niya dito mag-propose talaga sa ‘Showtime.’ Nakita ko ‘yung pain. Ramdam namin iyon kay Ion,” Corpuz said.

Vice shared, “Basta pinakiusapan kami na ‘Sa inyo na lang, wag na sabihin’ — ang hirap-hirap para sa aming dalawa. Parang deprived na deprived naman kami, parang sa ibang tao ang dali lang magmahalan tapos sa ‘min ang hirap.”

“Nakakapagpasaya naman ako ng iba kahit paano, bakit parang itong munting kasiyahan na ‘to, ang hirap-hirap ma-achieve?” .

“Nakakapagpasaya naman ako ng iba kahit paano, bakit parang itong munting kasiyahan na ‘to, ang hirap-hirap ma-achieve?” he added.

And, given his experience and the present status, he has decided to skip his dream grand marriage ceremony. He was fine with a small ceremony in Las Vegas as long as he and Perez were together. As long as they are in love and happy together, criticism and judgments will never be their hindrance.

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