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Richard Ramos, a Former Police Officer, was Sh0t in Front of his Home in Manila.

A former police officer was shot and murdéréd at his residence in Tondo, Manila. Ramos, according to the victim’s relative, was so compassionate that he should not have been [email protected] She claims to have four daughters who are small children in need of a parent. He went on to say that when the perpetrators came, the victim was seated across the home texting.

“Nagte-text po siya. Pag-ganyan po niya [tumingin sa itaas] binaba po niya yung face mask niya sabay na po siyang pinaputukan sa mukha,” victim’s relative sorrowful statement.

According to the witness, the vehicle involved in the incident was a van. Three people were allegedly dumped from the vehicle with their faces covered, but many more were on board.

Ramos was rushed to the hospital but diéd. Ramos was a former awol [absent] police officer, according to investigators. It is still being examined if the victim had anything to do with his previous job or that the victim had waived his hand.

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