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Actual Video: A Woman Gets Violent as Officers Seize her because She is not Vaccinated.

A woman gets violent, angry and broke a bottle after being arrested because she has no vaccination card at a vaccine checkpoint in Taguig. At the “no vaccine, no ride” checkpoint, the woman even threw a journalist’s microphone. For now, presidential spokesman Karlo Nograles confirmed that no vaccine exemption cards are already being provided by the Government


“Bakit, it is my right not to have the vaccine, bakit niyo ako hinahanapan ng vaccine [card],” the woman insisted. “Ayaw ko, it Is my own will. Wala nga ako, bumili akong pagkain, hindi pwede?”

Apart from the woman, two other men were not allowed to ride in PUVs at the checkpoint because they does not have vaccine cards as well. They were met by a shuttle that would take them to their respective barangays.

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