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Toni Fowler and Rob Moya “Final Goodbye” Gets Emotional

The reunion of former lovers Vlogger Toni Fowler and Rob Moya has been emotional again or seems to be final goodbye. In Rob Moya’s latest YouTube Vlog, former partner Toni Fowler was the guest. Here they agreed to reorganize their relationship with each other.

This is after some issues they threw at both camps after their intriguing breakups. In the said Vlog titled, “Nagpaalam na ako kay Mommy Toni” the two discussed the controversy they were involved in. They have forgiven and admitted their mistakes. One of these is when Toni had feelings for Tito Vince while she and Rob were still in a relationship.

“Nakakaiyak naman ‘to, mommy,”Rob said holding back his tears. As Toni raises the issue of forgiveness.

“Si Daddy Rob, kaya po siya andito, hinihingi niya yung basbas ko na ipapakilala na po niya sa inyo ang babaeng nililigawan po niya,” said Toni.

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