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Watch: Kiko Matos confrontation with Eric Eruption Tai

After their exchange of spicy words in recent months, Kiko Matos and Eruption are facing each other. Kiko Matos shared his confrontation with Eric Eruption Tai recently after the mess involved after the basketball match between Rendon and Jonah in the Battle of the YouTubers.

It will be recalled that in recent months, Kiko even challenged Eruption and they even heated up with their statements on social media.

Eruption, on the other hand, agreed to Kiko’s request for help on the condition that he would stop swearing and defying, he would make a public apology and they would dance “Sayaw Kikay” on TikTok.

After the viral of his slap on Kiko Matos, Rendon Labador released his statement. He clarified that all his affiliations and the products he endorsed have nothing to do with a slap. He understands Kiko’s right to sue for his actions in the Battle of the YouTubers.

He said he does not promote violence and he is not proud of what he did but he wants to share the message with people not to let other people step on it.

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