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Cindy Miranda Denies “Third Party Issue” of Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica

Cindy Miranda denied the allegation that she was involved in Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla’s break-up. Cindy and Aljur are the same in the upcoming movie Nerisa. The promotion of their film focused on the recent revelation by Robin Padilla, Kylie’s father, that her daughter and Aljur are separated.

According to Robin, a third party was the reason for the couple’s separation. As a result, some netizens quickly accused Cindy of being a third party. On Instagram, Cindy strongly denied that she was Aljur’s woman.

A netizen commented on a post by the actress, the said netizens said, “Sana pure work lang kayo. ‘Wag ka sanang manira ng pamilya.”

Cindy replied, “Yes. Very professional. I’m not the third party, thanks. ”

A Kylie-Aljur fan asked her directly: “Did you break our kyljur?”

Cindy replied: “No. not me. ”

Cindy also agreed with a netizen’s comment that “nakakadiri at nakakababa ng pagkababae.” She replied, “Tama.”

Meanwhile, Aljur did not have a chance to ask yesterday about Robin Padilla’s revelation that he and his wife Kylie were separated for a third party reason.

Aljur appeared at the media conference yesterday for the digital movie Nerisa which is said to be one of the s*xiest and daring movies of 2021 and features Cindy Miranda as Adam.

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