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Jomar Lovena Feelings When Sachzna Laparan & Jerome Ponce In a Relationship

The photo of Jomar Lovena, Sachzna Laparan and Jerome Ponce went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The Netizens reacts to an alleged love triangel issue.

Recently, Jerome Ponce & Sachzna Laparan publicized their relationship and the Netizens reacts what happened to Jomar Lovena.

You can see the photo below that Laparan hugging Jerome while Jomar has been left alone smiling at the camera.

You can read the screenshot of conversation wherein Jomar invited the celebrity couple to visit at the wake of his grandmother.

Christine Laparan Policarpio, Sachzna’s mom even defended her daughter from the bashers, “Kung may kasama man si Sachzna unang una pinasama yun ni Jomar, nandun din kami para makiramay, uulitin ko Okay po sila ni Sachzna at Jomar ah.

“Bakit ba ang galing nyong gumawa ng sariling story hindi naman I popost ni jomar yun kung magpapa awa sya sainyo. Mag kaibigan sila at okay Sila wag naman po sana kayong gumawa ng issue mismong si jomar po ang nag post nyan at hindi para gawan nyo ng issue.”

On Instagram, the actor posted two photos as a greeting to the person she no longer named. But netizens immediately determined that Sachzna was indeed Jerome’s companion in the photos.

According to netizens, “nassib” or “naseeb” is a Hindi or Malay word meaning “luck” or “destiny.”

Ponce once again appeared on Laparan’s vlog where the two played “Sagot o Lagok.”

The vlogger has nearly 2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

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