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Jeralyn Daplinan Gubalani Gives Breastfeed to a Street Children Goes Viral

A woman received praise after the trending picture where she can be seen helping a beggar. After netizen Gina Borbor shared some photos that touched many netizens, the said post immediately went viral where a woman can be seen helping a beggar mother by breastfeeding a baby.

The trending lady name is Jeralyn Daplinan Gubalani, a teacher at Libertad National high School, Bunawan ADS. In her Facebook post, she explain what happened that day. According to teacher Gubalani, “I was waiting outside the Robinsons mall for my husband to pick me up because he was still on the route at that time, I was from the PRC because I was renewing my license for those who asked Im a Teacher from Libertad National high school, Bunawan ADS.”

She caught the attention of the mother and daughter because the baby was crying so much that she was moved by their condition.

The mother allegedly tried to feed the baby but she was still crying. Based on what she found out, one day the mother allegedly did not eat. Although worried, she tried to let the mother know if she could breastfeed the child and she agreed.

She said she felt the child was very hungry while she was feeding it. She was happy to be asleep after she was able to breastfeed.

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