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Netizen Tells Samantha Lee Pettit to asked Help from Raffy Tulfo in Action

Some Netizens tell Samantha Lee Pettit to asked help from Raffy Tulfo in Action. Recently, Viral Pictures & Videos of Samantha Lee Pettit Released Online. She wants to file a case for those who uploaded the video.

Pettit denied that she is the woman in the controversial video but admitted that she is the one in the photo together with Basic.

Recently, Renejay Barcarse and Samantha Lee Pettit become a hot topic on social media after their breakup.

Samantha Lee Pettit Breaks Silence on the Viral Photo & Videos Leaked Online

A few days after their reported break up, Samantha went viral on Twitter with her leaked photos and videos uploaded online. You can see in the video that the woman is not clear whether Samantha or Not.

ReneJay reacts to the video he receives and asked the Netizen to respect her.

“Maraming nag sesend sakin ng photos at video of her (Samantha),” he added he is hurt of what happened.

“Ang hirap mag move on, pero kailangan eh”

“Wag niyo na ikalat yung mga pictures and video kasi nasasaktan ako kahit papano minahal ko din yun.”

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Netizen name KR uploaded the video on Twitter:

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