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Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza NOT deserving Says Miss Bulgaria’s Radinela Chusheva

Miss Bulgaria’s Radinela Chusheva Claims Mexico’s Andrea Meza is not deserving to be crowned Miss Universe 2020.

One netizen asked: “Do you think Mexico deserves the crown?” Miss Mexico replied: A “No!” and said that Miss Canada Nova Stevens deserved to be the winner.

It also responded to a Mexican follower and they would drop her because of her statement. “Here in Mexico you have a lot of fans! But with this comment I’m afraid that you are going to lost us.”

Miss Bulgaria’s Radinela Chusheva replied, “Sorry not sorry! Im just telling you what I think! I was more than 10 days with 73 girls! Still don’t know which one was Mexico?! PS: Excuse my English! its not good!”

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