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Dr. Dolores Octaviano Says NO to COVID-19 Vaccination, Explain Why (Full Video)

Dr. Dolores Octaviano studied and explained why you don’t need to have a Covid-19 Vaccination. According to Dr. Octaviano, those people who are vaccinated possibly received some virus in their bodies. She stated that if you inject the COVID-19 Vaccine into your body you will destroy the antibodies that block the viruses.

Dr. Octaviano also explained that natural immunity is the best way to battle the COVID-19 and other viruses.

“In the history of Mankind, there is no exact or real vaccine against pure coronavirus. In the 1950s, researchers tried to make a vaccine for one coronavirus called ‘Respiratory Syncytial Virus.’ They inject the vaccine into animals but not successful.

Watch the full video below: (Uploaded by Dario Faja Rivera)

In the year 2000, Coronavirus called SARS and MERS, created a vaccine and inject into a person but not successful.

The COVID-19 Vaccination is just an experiment and the sad thing they experiment with us. “The another problem in mutation is Cancer because you alter the genetic code the capacity of your body to control the cell repair and mutation was damage. There is a big chance to have Cancer. The problem of Cancer, you will not monitor it and it takes months to years.”

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