Ogie Diaz reacts to an Alleged Issue of Joshua Aquino

After a YouTube entertainment news channel released a video about Kris Aquino’s son Joshua, many wondered if the news was true. According to the news released by the said YouTube channel, Joshua allegedly married his girlfriend who is pregnant.

According to the said news, Kris will take care of the wedding expenses and even the house where they will live. Ogie and Mama Loi dissected the said video, “ginagawa niyan nila para lang may mag view at magkapera sila sa YouTube.”

As a showbiz news reporter, Ogie advises netizens to be critical of what they read or watch online and make sure they have proof before believing.

Some of Ogie’s criticisms are the details of the said news without any evidence or basis. According to the said news, Josh will get married after he gets his girlfriend pregnant.

Aside from the fact that they did not have a name shared as the identity of their alleged girlfriend Joshua, they only posted photos of Josh and his nanny Bincai in the video.

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