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Getting Married! Kristoffer Rustia and Micah Cura Commercial Flight Ride to Boracay

Kristoffer Rustia and Micah Cura got married in front of their fellow passengers on AirAsia’s flight Z2 225 to Boracay. This is the first wedding on board AirAsia commercial aircraft in the Philippines.

According to a budget airline statement yesterday, February 6, Rustia and Cura met in 2018 during their initial cabin crew training in Malaysia.

“[The year] 2020 was filled with uncertainties and challenges for everyone in the airline industry but we are always reminded of our love for each other, and a promise of a brighter future for our daughter. As crazy as it may seem, I envisioned Micah walking down the aisle in one of our flights wearing her lovely gown, not her cabin crew uniform. It seemed like it would be impossible, knowing that we work as flight attendants, but AirAsia made it happen,” in a statement released by Rustia.

According to Cura, “Topy and I are grateful beyond words. It’s one thing to get married, it’s another to fulfill that dream in a place where we started our journey together — inside the aircraft. Our prayer is that we are able to inspire people to just hang on, and never lose hope because there are still many things to be thankful for, despite the many challenges brought by the pandemic.”

AirAsia, on the other hand, ensured that health and safety protocols were strictly enforced during the in-flight wedding. After the wedding, an early dinner reception was held at a resort in Boracay.

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