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Toni Gonzaga Reacts on PBB housemate Russu Laurente Eviction

Toni Gonzaga reacted to the issue of PBB Ex housemate Russu after admitting that he was in favor of #ABSCBNShutdown. Robi and Toni Gonzaga still shows love to RUSSU even though there’s an issue abt RUSSU, they still comfort him! That’s what you called the love of KAPAMILYA!

According to Toni Gonzaga, “Back to work this 2021. For our 2nd eviction night housemate Russu was evicted because of a mistake he did that eventually made him realize the damage it has done. People are very quick to judge him, call him names and crucify him on social media because of it without realizing that at 19 years old, he doesn’t know the gravity of words spoken. He has learned his lesson and this will help him grow and mature in life. And now that he knows better, He will do better. May this also serve as a reminder for us to not define and label a person by the mistakes they’ve committed but from how they rise up, rebuild and become a better person they are really supposed to be. I hugged the boy after the show and he kept apologizing. Forgiveness is a gift everyone deserves.”

Russu and Aizyl issue. Russu: I can forgive but i will never forget! Robi to Russu: We can forgive but we will never forget!

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