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Gladys Reyes Thankful After Her Father Recovers a Heart Attack

On January 12, Gladys Reyes posted on her Instagram account after her beloved father experienced sever chest pain and was rushed immediately to the hospital.

“God is good.. Yesterday was challenging, my papa had a severe chest pain, my sister rushed him to the hospital, we just followed.” she started.

The actress also thanked God for the fast recovery of his father as if nothing happened, even though it was confirmed that he had an attack.

“He’s still confined for some tests and had another chest pain again 2am this morning. I am a certified Papa’s girl and what saddens me is that we are not allowed to visit him, according to the hospital rules, due to pandemic.” she added.

On the end of her short message, she said “Praying for his total recovery. Grateful to my husband, cousins and sister for being with me yesterday.”

Many netizens and co-celebrities prayed for the well-being of her father.

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