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Full Video of Traffic Violator ‘Billy Jack Sanchez’ Arguing w/ Enforcers Went Viral

Top Trending topic online! This traffic violator arguing with enforcers went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter & Facebook. In the video post by Wilfredo Tiglao Cristobal, he stated that the traffic violator refused to accept his offense.

In the video, the traffic violator says the name “Hey wazzup this is Billy Jack Sanchez, this traffic enforcer is harassing me right now yow.” Sanchez still arguing with the traffic enforcer insisted that he did not commit a traffic violation. He insists that “Yung back rider ko may violation.”

According to the traffic enforcer, the back rider is not wearing a helmet, which is considered a traffic offense.

If you remember Billy Sanchez who went viral before for explaining the benefits of marijuana when he was arrested by the authorities.

Watch the full video below:

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