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Full Video: Did Ellen Adarna Kissed Derek Ramsay?

Some videos of actor Derek Ramsay and actress Ellen Adarna are trending and hotly debated on social media today. This is after some photos and videos of the two appeared online which show the closeness and comfort of the two to each other.

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez shared photos and videos of the two together on her Instagram account. Along with the three personalities is Ellen’s current sitcom co-star John Estrada who also attended a dinner party held at Derek’s house.

Watch the video below:

Ruffa Gutierrez bonds with neighbors Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna on Monday, January 11. In her Instagram Stories, Derek and Ellen appeared to be getting cozy, but Ruffa added a disclaimer: “Walang malisya.”

Ruffa Instagram post captioned, “Hanging out with my super fun neighbors.”

In another photo that Ruffa shared on her Instagram Stories, it can be seen that Ellen and Derek are looking at each other.

In other videos, Ellen and Derek can be seen dancing and singing. It will also be noticed that Ellen seems to be teasing Derek. According to some netizens, Ellen’s face seems too close to the actor. It garnered various comments from netizens. Some seem to say that the actress allegedly kissed Derek while others say that Ellen seems to be just saying something to the actor.

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