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Father Offers Php10,000 To His Daughter If She Loses Weight Within 5 Months

It is not easy to lose weight especially when you can see delicious foods prepared on the dinner table.

As posted in Facebook, a user named Jeric Paulo De Jesus uploads few pictures as evidence of him and his daughter’s agreement.

On their agreement, it stated, “Pag pumayat ka, bibigyan kita ng 10,000” with a duration of 5 months only. “See you in 5 months baboom. Mapapasayo kaya ang 10k??Abangan!!!!” Jeric wrote on the caption.

They even signed on the bottom of the paper as a contract.

This post gained many reactions and shares from the netizens. Many of them also encouraged Jelaine to reach her goal. Her current weight is 69 kgs. and her target weight is 50 kgs.

No photo description available.

Will she reach her goal and have the Php10,000 for herself?

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