PBB Connect Housemate Justin Dizon is the first Evictee


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You’re safe tonight Mika! Justin you have been evicted from Pinoy Big Brother House, magpaalam ka na sa iyong mga kasama! BBS Justin is one of the trending topics on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

According to the viewers, “I became of Justin’s critics from that few seconds video clip. Now, he is the first evictee. The main goal in joining PBB is showing your authentic self and Justin is that type of housemate. It’s sad that he was not given the chance to stay. BBS JUSTIN.”

Thank you Justin! The house wouldn’t be the same without you! Wishing you good luck on your journey ahead!

@SerSiege, “I know that you did something controversial but at least you admit your mistake and not afraid to show the real you. Saludo from trying to make a change in your character. I really hope that marami kang natutunan during your stay sa BNK.”

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