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Limelights Presume Why Don’t We’s New MV “Slow Down” Talks About Corbyn and Christina’s Current Relationship Status

Why Don’t We Fans or should I say, “Limelights” are elated with the band’s early Christmas gift.

Why Don't We – Slow Down Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Yesterday, Why Don’t We released the official audio of their new song “Slow Down”.

Here are some of the comments:

This is one of those songs which makes you wanna go on a road trip with your friends while blasting this at full volume.

One limelight even mentioned Christina, Corbyn’s girlfriend.

It looks like it’s a song totally for Christina, not only in the New York line, but also in the part of Jonah when the song says ‘ I wanna see ya I wish you weren’t so far so I could see ya ‘ And also clearly in the chorus ‘ I think that we just need to slow down ‘ He has made it clear that it is a very special song for him and his favorite. I do not know what the situation of the couple is but it seems that at some point they may have talked about taking time out or that a long distance relationship doesn’t work so well. We will have to see and only time will tell.

Here is another assumption of the meaning of the song.

This song definitely talks about Corbyn’s and Christina’s relationship. When Jonah was on a live with someone he said that the album talks about each of their lives and relationships. Lotus Inn was clearly about Jonah’s relationship and how he wish he could turn back time to be with the one he loved. Slow Down talks about Corbyn’s and Christina’s long distance relationship and how it’s tough. Corbyn and Christina may have had a talk at some point in their relationship about how long distance may be affecting their relationship. We don’t know this for sure, only time will tell for the couple. Hopefully they’re still together because that would be amazing that they are still together after years of long distance.

Corbyn Besson and Christina Marie Harris, also known as BeautyChickee on YouTube, have been dating since 2016, although there are no current updates of their relationship, the band keeps their relationship statuses private.

Corbyn and Christina | Corbyn besson, Christina, Why dont we boys

Some limelights were also surprised to have found out that Why Don’t We released a new song.

I was SLEEPING and y’all randomly released this like

they really said “why don’t we post a song without telling anybody”

Jonah: being calm and cool Corbyn : being in love Zach: being the one to literally surprise everyone Daniel: being the vocalist Jack: being jack which WE LOVE WDW: GIVING us A heart ATTACK by RELEASING this SONG at NIGHT


Watch the music video below:

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