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RC Cola Philippines Ads, Netizens described “Weird” and “Creepy”

The New RC Cola Philippines ads leaves Netizens confused and described it “Weird and Creepy.” It starts off with a student coming home from school and asked his mother “ampon po ba ako.”

Rc cola ad says that even when you feel empty or indifferent or things turn not as you expect it to be, our Mom will always be there to fill-up those emptiness and make us feel that we’re not alone.

The new RC Cola ad perfectly shows how mothers are willing to offer themselves just to fulfill the emptiness of their children. they play a crucial role in teaching and nurturing a child without thinking of themselves. in this reflection i will.

RC Cola is now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the video below:

Di naman kailangan ng maraming rason para bumili ka! Basta ‘pag nauhaw ang pamilya, RC Cola!

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