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Ex-Miss Earth PH Imelda Schweighart hates K-pop

Top trending topic online! Ex-Miss Earth PH Imelda Schweighart, now a singer, says she hates K-pop and made the statement in a series of Facebook posts on Monday, November 23, 2020.

I really hate kpop. I’d rather dayang dayang, said Imelda.

“Filipinos are losing their identity trying to be like koreans. Konting pride, please? Di hamak na mas magaling naman mag english mga pinoy kesa korean. Kala ko ba chinese nananakop? I think we’re getting it wrong. Lagi nalang tayo sinasakop,” she added.

The Ex-Miss Earth PH Imelda Schweighart thanks to PEP, “Thank you PEP for the feature. What great news pag ako noh? Laging negative ang laman. Pero salamat. Sana yung mga kagaya kong may pride, makita na ako through you guys. Come to mameh *wiggles the twins.”

Imelda Schweighart singles, such as “Power Trip,” “Bubba Luva,” and “Super Wave,” are available on Spotify.

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