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Viral Now: Actual Photo Of A Woman “Juliet Mercader” Murdered And Buried In La Carlota City

La Carlota City, a certain woman found dead and alleged victim of gang räpë.

The actual place of the crime is Barangay San Miguel La Carlota City, the woman was found dead with no clothes at all.

According to eye witness he noticed something unusual in the alignment of the sugarcanes as it there was a group of person there who enters in the area proven by many foot prints on the land.

Blurred pictures of lifeless body of Juliet Mercader

Around 6:30 Am last September 29, a person goes to the area and found something strange but at first he just think it just a normal pile of land, a day after September due to his curiosity he goes to the actual place and found out that it is a grave. Alias George dig up the pile of land and shocked that he found a head of a woman lifeless.



After that he goes to the local police authorities to report the crime and investigated the area.

Here is the photo of the alleged woman victim, it is just only speculation because police has no confirmed report up to date.

The photo shows the watch left in the crime scene in the possession of Juliet

According to police reports her name is Juliet Mercader, the wife of a high profile drug lord Jinnefer Mercader that was killed a few days ago September 28 at Brgy. Minoyan Murcia.

Juliet is killed by gunshot wound and speculated that was räpëd before killed and buried in La Carlota City.

Her photo becomes viral on social media due to brutal killing.

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