Sandara Park Shares 2NE1 Boyfriend Ban Affects her Past Relationships, Apologized to Ex-Boyfriends

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South Korean singer Sandara Park shares about how her girl group 2NE1‘s contract of five-year dating ban has affected her past relationships.

Sandara was born in South Korea but her family moved to the Philippines when she was young. She spent her teen years in the Philippines and rose to fame after winning runner-up in a talent search show Star Circle Quest in 2004.

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Sandara Park is also known by her stage name Dara. She debuted as a part of the Korean girl group 2NE1 in 2009, and their single “Fire” has become a hit.

Based on the report from Soompi, Sandara appeared in KBS JOY’s “Love Intervention” show on October 6, where she outspokenly talked about her previous relationships.

Sandara said, “I’ve been in ‘untact’ (non face-to-face contact) relationships even before COVID-19.”

Dara also shared that when she was still a trainee she was scolded by her manager for being in a relationship, she said, “I was scolded for being in a relationship, and my manager took away my cellphone. Then after I debuted, there was a five-year dating ban.”

As for Sandara, she followed the rule, “I really didn’t date because they told me not to,” she added.

According to Sandara, it was only recently that she made up her mind to date again.

All I needed was a will to be more assertive. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my ex-boyfriends,” she said, making everyone laugh during the show.

Despite returning to Korea, Sandara did not forget about her fans and life in the Philippines, and neither did we.

Recently, Sandara went viral on social media after she suddenly spoke Tagalog during her guesting in a Korean show.

Also, she posted in her youtube vlog that she went to the Philippine market in Korea wherein she shows how she purchased Pinoy grocery goodies.

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