Poor Student Bought Laptop Online And Surprised That Stone Is Inside The Box Goes Viral

Viral now in social media is a certain student bought laptop online and surprise what is inside.

Amid pandemic online transaction is rampant due to the fact that the government issued a protocol limiting the movement of the people to avoid the spread of the virus.


But there are danger if you are conducting online because you do not know what is inside the box compared to if you go to the actual store.

Just like this student which is excited to see his laptop but instead of being happy tears falls on his eyes because instead of laptop 3 stones is inside the box, in short the poor student is scammed by an online seller.

According to the student he cannot hold his tear because his parents are poor and they saved the money to buy the laptop.

Supposedly the laptop will be used for his online class this opening of classes.

Online scamming is rampant nowadays and the government urge to be careful and know the credibility of the seller as well.

Tips to conduct online first it is better to transact cash on delivery do not pay ASAP!, know the sellers contact info and personal details, if you have money go directly to the store to buy to see the actual product.

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