Late YouTuber Lloyd Cadena Fans Heard his voice on Mothers Vlog


Late YouTuber Lloyd Cadena is now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The fans heard Cadena’s voice in the background of his mother’s Vlog.

On Cadena’s Mothers Vlog uploaded on Sunday, Lorita Cadena said “Yung channel ni Lloyd walang nang mag-post dun kasi channel niya naman ‘yun at tsaka panuorin niyo na lang yung mga lumang video ‘dun para di naman very lonely. Makikita niyo pa rin siya sa mga lumang video.”

According to Fans, Will hear allegedly in the new mother video when Lloyd‘s voice died vlogger saying ′′ Ma ′′ and ′′ I’m having a hard time ′′ Such voices will be heard in timestamp 6:48 and 7:22.

Watch the full video below:

The Vlogging Community was shocked after Lloyd’s death was announced in a statement on his Facebook page in early September. The announcement was made in his family’s social media account that Lloyd Cadena passed away after testing positive for COVID-19 and suffering a heart attack in his sleep. 

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