Is Arci Muñoz & Baste Duterte In a Relationship?

Is actress Arci Muñoz and presidential son Baste Duterte is now dating?

As we all know, Davao City Vice Mayor Baste Duterte has been in a relationship with actress Ellen Adarna but ended. According to Baste, he called it quits with Ellen because she could not stand it anymore.

While, Arci’s previous relationship is with businessman Anthony Ng. However, their relationship did not also last that long.

When asks about what she thinks is the reasons on her break ups, she said,  she is like the “man” in the relationship. “As in buhos talaga, e. Parang ako yung lalaki.”

After a year since her breakup with Anthony Ng, Arci is now being linked to Baste Duterte, based on the article by entertainment writer Baby E in Pang-Masa.

baste duterte
Photo from Manila Bulletin

However, Arci has not spoken yet regarding the rumors linking her to the presidential son. Meanwhile, the actress-singer is now busy with her new projects. She just finished a project with fellow Kapamilya stars Angelica Panganiban, Paulo Avelino, and Zanjoe Marudo.

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