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WATCH HERE LIVE: LA Lakers Vs Houston Rockets Game 2 Western Conference Semi Finals

WATCH HERE LIVE Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets Game 2 Western Conference Semi Finals.

This will be a hype series between Le Bron James and his team mates vs James Harden and his gang, wherein they will fight to win the game.

Rockets snatch game 1 and according to post game interview Harden will do his best and remain focus on the game, knowing he and his team mates will go up against a top caliber team LA Lakers.

Meanwhile Lakers coaching staff will make some adjustments and to minimize the game errors they committed on game 1.

Game 1 MVP goes to James Harden wherein he contributed a lot in the game.

Furthermore Le Bron sees the game tape and he already knows what to do in the game, adjustments had been made and lets see if the game plan they formulated will be effective.

In the side of the Rockets they will still focus on the game and will be consistent to improve more compared to their first game against the LA Lakers.

The series winner will move up to Western Conference finals.

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LA Lakers Vs Houston Rockets Semi Finals Game 2

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