NBA’S New Season,Visible to Begin in 2021

NBA commissioner Adam Silver believes it is possible that 2021 will begin next season. The NBA had earlier announced that the tentative date for the 2020-2021 season would be on the first day of December, but Silver admitted that the date was too tight.

According to Adam Silver, due to the growing amount of information related to coronavirus, it is better to start the season in January.

The NBA official also explained that they want fans to see the “standard season” which includes the 82-game regular season and the full post season.

Silver added, they want teams to play in their home arenas and in front of fans.

It also points out that the NBA has learned a lot from other sports, particularly the COVID protocols implemented by Major League Baseball, the NFL and other major college sports programs.

According to Kevin O’Connor Twitter posts, “Don’t be shocked if the 2020-21 season doesn’t start until February. Maybe March, at the latest. It’s all TBD, but the longer the league pushes the start, the higher the likelihood of better testing or even a vaccine. And that’d mean better odds of getting fans back in arenas.”

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