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LOOk: Julia Barretto Criticized by Netizens Due to her Awkward Pose

The viral awkward pose of Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto shared on her Instagram received criticism from netizens.

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One of the famous actress of her generation is Julia Barretto. Not just because she came from a family of actors, but because she herself is a great actress.

Julia has 9.6 million followers on Instagram and 465K subscriber in her Youtube channel. She uses her social media platform to shared some achievements and success of her life to her fans. As a celebrity, she also post promotional contents on her IG account.

Her fans and followers always admired the actress for having a beautiful face and body. However, in one of the recent photos she posted, some people did not like it. In the photo, Julia was promoting positivity by reminding everyone to smile. This is part of the promotions of GAOC Dental. The dental clinic has a #ShareTheGAOCSmile campaign. Several celebrities had also shared this promotion posts on their social media accounts.

On the other hand, the attention of netizens was caught by the “awkward pose” of Julia Barretto in the photo instead of her smile.

The actress was sitting, apparently in front of the mirror, with her feet apart. Her fans expressed admiration for her beauty and her beautiful smile but several netizens called her out for her “bukaka” position.

Meanwhile, rumored couple Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson created a loud buzz once again just because of a video of the viral photo that circulated online. In the blurred photo, there is a woman with a long hair that was with Gerald in his private resort in Zambales. And many thought that the woman was Julia.

Netizens compared the background of Julia when she was interviewed online to the bamboo bed that Gerald showed on his YouTube vlog. 

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