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Lexi Lore Breaks Silence on Rumors of Having Scene with a Filipino Fan

Lexi Lore reveals the truth regarding the rumors that she will be having a scene with her filipino fan.

The popular adult film star Lexi Lore breaks silence to the rumors saying, “It’s not true that I’m having a scene with a filipino fan”.

This past few days, the international adult star becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after a Facebook user named Mec Mec claimed that he was having a scene with Lexi.

As for the Filipino fans, they show their support and gave some encouragement towards Mec Mec after knowing that he was chosen to be the partner of the Lore. He earned instant popularity due to the post.

However, just recently, through a Youtube video, Lexi Lore denied the allegations that she would be having a scene with a Filipino fan. Lexi also described Mec Mec’s claim as “fake” and explained she is not sleeping, escorting, and other contact with fans.

Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore also clarified that she is not collaborating with other personalities and clarified that she has no Facebook page.  “It’s not true that I’m having a scene with a filipino fan,” the lady celebrity said on her statement.

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